We are a VoIP software and service provider company with over a decade experience. Whether you are just getting starting in the VoIP industry or you are an experienced VoIP provider we can offer for you a managed VoIP tunneling solution. One of the our most important partner is Mizutech, which is a VoIP software developer company with large experience in telecommunication. The Mizu VoIP Tunnel is our flagship product for which we offer support and maintenance services. Our clients benefits of a trial period. In the trial period our team members will provide trainings via Skype and remote desktop about our services.

The company priorities are:
  • - Reliability to our customers: Mizu VoIP tunnel server high uptime
  • - High quality services: excellent voice quality without network overhead;
  • - Fast and efficient arranging of our customers requests;
  • - Satisfaction of our customers;

        The Mizu VoIP encryption solution is a set of client and server side software, developed in order to enable making VoIP phone calls for: users in VoIP blocked countries, users from behind firewalls or users who need encrypted VoIP communication. The VoIP communication is blocked in numerous countries by the ISPs (Internet service provider), Telco's in order to prevent competition, so the users are forced to use their VoIP services or the PSTN (Public switched telephone network) services.
       Mizu VoIP tunneling solution will allow VoIP communication usage in any country avoiding VoIP filtering, it is suited for ITSPs, carriers, wholesalers etc. Using our solution users will be able to make and receive calls to/from blocked countries from any PC (via Windows softphone, webSIPphone), mobile phone (Android and iPhone softphone), third-party softphones (using the client tunnel) or from any other VoIP devices: ATAs, IP phones(using the client service).
       Get excellent voice quality without any network overhead or delay. The Mizu VoIP Tunnel doesn't require any special hardware equipment, neither network or firewall modifications.

VoIP tunnel

  • - compatibility with all existing VoIP servers from the market
  • - low-cost hardware requirements: Windows server(2008, 2012, 2016 or 2019)
  • - no changes are needed in your existing infrastructure, so you can start using encrypted VoIP communication very quickly after contact us
  • - VoIP VPN solution
  • - high quality services: servers high uptime, no quality loss, non-stop critical support
  • - both the signaling and media is encrypted
  • - high speed encryption/decryption
  • - no network overhead, our server can encypt UDP packets transparently
  • - automatic failowering from the fast UDP protocol to a bit slower HTTP protocol which is unfeasible to be blocked
  • - private encryptions: RSA key exchange, fast encryption with symmetric keys or using blowfish

        The Mizu VoIP Tunnel was optimized for Microsoft Windows OS with a MS-SQL backend. All administration tasks can be done using the MManage (MizuManage) client application. The main module is automatically installed with the tunnel server installer, but you can also install it independently to any PC and manage your tunnel server remotely.
        Mizu VoIP tunneling solution use 12 different transport method, using UDP, TCP or HTTP protocols to bypass all firewalls.
  • - encrypted UDP: the SIP server will not listening on the standard 5060 port. (doesn't have any network overhead compared to normal voip (SIP/RTP) and has the same quality). This is usually enough in VoIP blocked countries
  • - encrypted TCP tunneling: using the standard SSL port so it will bypass most of the firewalls (has even better quality, but it doesn't tolerate too much packet loss so good than UDP does)
  • - encrypted HTTP tunneling: using the standard HTTP port so it will bypass all corporate proxy systems (has a 35% overhead and needs more server side resources, but it can bypass almost all HTTP proxy servers with streaming support)
       Mizu tunnel server is running over a full featured class 4/5 SIP stack with the following functions: voice calls, video calls, presence, IM, DTMF methods, PBX functions like call hold, transfer, conference etc. and support the commonly used codecs: G729, PCMA, PCMU, G723, GSM, Speex, Speex WB, iLBC ect.
       Our encryption methods are based on symmetric keys(to speed-up the connect times). The most used encryption method is Blowfish
(due to its low CPU usage). For key exchanges usually the RSA protocol is used. RSA protocol is known as one of the first practicable
public-key cryptosystem and is yet widely used for secure data transmission.

VoIP tunnel

Tunnel Small
(one-time payment for lifetime license)
  • - 40 simultaneous calls
Tunnel Medium
(one-time payment for lifetime license)
  • - 300 simultaneous calls
  • - All softphone
Tunnel Large
(one-time payment for lifetime license)
  • - 2500 simultaneous calls
  • - All softphone
- VoIP tunnel
- customized Windows softphone with built-in encryption
- customized webSIPPhone with built-in encryption
- customized Android softphone with built-in encryption
- customized iPhone softphone with built-in encryption
- client tunnel (can be used with other softphones)
- client service (can be used with ATA's, IP phones, etc)

Here is a list of countries which have VOIP and/or internet restrictions:

Belize, Brazil, Caribbean countries, China, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Malasya, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, North/South Korea, Oman, Pakistan, Paraguay, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates(UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Vietnam, Yemen